Effect of CFRP strengthening on the behavior of reinforced concrete beams under corrosive environments

Volume 16, Issue 2, June 2023, Pages 5-14

maryam malakouti; Mohammad Reza Esfahani

Presenting a prediction model for compressive strength of geopolymer made of metakaolin and slag using the response surface method (RSM)

Volume 16, Issue 3, October 2023, Pages 5-17

vajihe sadeghipanah; Mehrab Madhoushi; Taghi Tabarsa; morteza nazerian; Ebrahim Najafi Kani; Zahra Abdollah nejad

Compressive Strength of RC Columns Strengthened with Longitudinal CFRP Composites

Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2013, Pages 7-18

Davood Mostofinejad; Niloufar Moshiri

Investigation into Mechanical Properties of Fibers Reinforced Lightweight Concrete Precast Panels

Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2015, Pages 7-15

H. Naseri; H. Afshin; A. Tufani milani

Evaluation of energy absorption capability in fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete containing nano-silica particles

Volume 5, Issue 1, April 2012, Pages 19-36

M. H. Beygi; J. Berenjian; O. Lotfi omran; I. M. Nikbin

Influence of aggregate type on strength and abrasion resistance properties of concrete

Volume 2, Issue 2, July 2009, Pages 21-30

Aolfazl Hassani; Behrooz Shirgir

Effect of Nano Materials on Engineering Properties of Self Compacting Mortar Containing Fly Ash

Volume 5, Issue 2, July 2012, Pages 55-67

R. Madandoust; M. M. Ranjbar; E. Mohseni

Lateral Load Patterns For Seismic Design ‌of‌ Moment-Resisting Frame Structures

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2010, Pages 97-105

abdollah hosseini; Mohamad Shafiei Kafrani

Development of A New Method for Optimum Mix Design of Roller Compacted Concrete

Volume 6, Issue 2, July 2013, Pages 105-114

A.R. Habibi; M. Shahryari

Investigation of Producing SCC with Recycled Aggregates

Volume 3, Issue 1, April 2010, Pages 9-20

Payam Hosseini; Ali Reza R.Khaloo; Mohamad Mahdi Khodavirdi Zanjani

Development of Thin-Wall Element Construction by Utilization of Nano-SiO2 Particles

Volume 3, Issue 2, July 2010, Pages 9-16

Payam Hosseini; Ali Reza R.Khaloo; abbas Booshehrian

Experimental study of post-tensioned hybrid coupled wall system with friction devices at the beam-to-wall connection region

Volume 13, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 13-26

Mohammad Sajjad Zareian; Mohammad Reza Esfahani; Abdollah Hosseini

Evaluation of Pure Shear Strength in Reactive Powder Concrete and its comparison with Normal Concrete

Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2016, Pages 15-25

A. Toofani Milani; H. Afshin; Y. Aliloo; H. Naseri

Experimental Investigation of Compressive and flexural capacity of concrete panels reinforced with GFRP fiber

Volume 10, Issue 2, September 2017, Pages 15-31

mohammad kazem sharbatdar; Mohammad Aliasgari

Investigating Effective Parameters in Shear Strength of Deep Beams without Shear Reinforcement

Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2015, Pages 17-30

Abolfazl Arabzade; Amin Noori Soola

A Narrow Band Method for Self Consolidation Concrete Mix Ratios Determination Based on Multi-Criteria Optimization

Volume 9, Issue 2, January 2017, Pages 17-27

Mostafa Khanzadi; Sasan Motaghed; Alireza Asadian Ardakani

Chloride Transport Modeling in Concrete Subjected to Tidal Condition: Effect of Water to Cement Ratio on Maximum Chloride Concentration

Volume 10, Issue 1, May 2017, Pages 17-24

Mehdi Nemati Chari; Akbar Safary; Mohammad Shekarchizadeh; Mahdi Chini