Investigation of Producing SCC with Recycled Aggregates



According to old structures rehabilitation problem which is included a great part of construction projects in Iran, the reusing and recycling of the debris generated by these structures is considerable. In addition, the use of waste materials along with its environm -ental aspects, necessitates the reusing of demolition wastes. Hence possibility of using these materials in concrete requires experimental evaluation.
As a new type of concrete, excessive investigations are carried out on the properties of self compacting concrete (SCC). Being rheological properties as the most important issue in producing of SCC, changes in mix design require consideration of rheological properties to observe whether it is in the acceptable range.
In this paper properties of the recycled concrete aggregates and their accommodation with the limitation of ASTM C33 are investigated. Then the rheology of SCC produced with recycled aggregate is compared with SCC with natural aggregate with the same gradation.