Guide for Authors

Process of article submission Article submission on site:

To submit your article in the journal, follow the steps below:

1.First, sign up on the website.

Note: Be careful when entering personal information. The attributes you enter in this section are saved as the author's profile.

2. Enter your username and password and click on Submit Article at the top of the page.

3. Now, click on Submit a New Article.

4. Select your article type from the list and go to the next page.

5. Enter the title of the article in both Persian and English. Entering a short title is optional.

6. Enter the authors’ personal attributes (other than you) who contributed to the writing of that article. Additional descriptions are available on the page.

7. Enter the Persian abstract (between 110 to 150 words) and English abstract (30 full lines of about 300 to 350 words).

8. Enter the keywords of your article in both Persian and English. The keywords should be between 4 and 7 words.

9. Select the topics related to your article from the list. If the topic of your article was not listed, check it out below.

10. If you have a specific description of the article, please mention it here.

11. In this section, if interested, enter the attributes of your proposed referee for reviewing your article.

12. Here, you should submit your article files. First, select the file type (the files mentioned in the article format) and submit the file with possible explanations.

13. Original graphs and diagrams are required to be within 8 or 16 centimeters deep in Photoshop with

Resolution 600 in a white background (no trim). (Graphs must be numbered; multipart forms must be submitted together). Latin vocabulary of forms and diagrams must be translated into Farsi.

 You should also complete and send two letter files to the Editor-in-Chief and the checklist (available here).

It is worth noting that if one fails to remain committed to all of the above-mentioned procedures, the journal will not continue to review the article.

14. All of your article information will appear in this section. Check the content and, if correct, click on Submit the Article. Be sure to write down your article code.

By following the above steps, your article will be registered and edited by the editor. Your article will be submitted to the referee at the earliest convenience. If your article is approved or needs revision, it will be listed on your personal page. Therefore, you can check out the status of your article by visiting your own page.