Simulation of deformation and demolition in reinforced concrete frames by the equivalent sections under blast load



Nowadays, many old buildings are destroyed by explosive material and replaced by new structures. During explosion, some of the concrete structures experience kind of unexpected loads which lead to localized destruction on one or more structural members and then finally the whole structure will be modified under the new distribution loading. This study will examine the behavior of reinforced concrete members when some of its members will be suffered local damage under different loading and will predict the primary performance of structure under these loading conditions. In this regard, the equivalent section method is used for the modeling of reinforced concrete elements under static and dynamic loads. In this research, finite element software “Abaqus will be used. Analysis results show that the method of equivalent section will indicate the behavior of structures with high accuracy and will reduce the analysis time due to declining of members and constraints in the modeling. This modeling approach also can be related to the mechanical failure such as crack growth and behavior of matter in the formation of cracks.