Mechanical Properties of Waste Crumb Tire Rubberized Concrete



One of the critical problems in the world is disposal of waste materials. One of this waste materials is tire rubber that is not decomposable and so is noticed. Annually exceeding of 10 million waste tire rubber are stockpiled in iran. Recycling of waste tire rubber is a suitable way for both disposal waste materials and reach to positive properties of concrete. On the basis of researchers studies, using of waste tire rubber in concrete cause to improve mechanical and dynamic properties of concrete such as energy absorption, ductility and cracking resistance. A series of experimental studies were carried out to evaluate mechanical properties of concrete containing waste crumb tire rubber. In this study, 12% and 18% of fine aggregates were replaced with truck waste crumb tire rubber without wire with mesh 15-20 in concrete mix design and then 3 groups of concrete, totally 18 samples, were constructed. Concrete mix design was according to BS and was 0.54 constantly. 3 day compression strength and water absorption percent of samples were studied. Dry and saturated specific weight also determined. On the basis of results, Use of crumb tire rubber in concrete cause to decrease compression strength and specific weight but increase water absorption percent of concrete. In this article, based upon the results, charts are presented and optimum data are also determined.