Finite Element Modeling Evaluate Effect of Aggregate Type On Concre -te Pavement Joint Opening



A 3D FE model is generated to evaluate the effect of aggregate type on joint opening in concrete pavements, using Abaqus/Explicit. The modeling method details are presented as well. For dowel and concrete modeling, 8-node solid-brick elements are used. The concrete damage plasticity model is used for concrete plastic behavior. The interaction between dowel and surrounding concrete is simulated by surface to surface hard contact. Effect of aggregate is considered by evaluating effect on concrete coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). The main model consists of a concrete block and dowel that is pulled out of it. Concrete shrinkage in curing stage is modeled by defining a negative thermal field. CTE for each type of aggregate is analyzed and required pull-out force a companied with required contact pressure is calculated. Finally findings show that presented model is capable of predicting the changes in contact are caused by aggregate type and increase in concrete CTE by variation of aggregate type results in greater axial force required for joint opening.