Effect of Aggregate Characteristics on the Surface Wear Performance of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Document Type : Research Paper


Yazd University



Concrete pavement bears dynamic loads and is exposed to destructive environmental effects. Abrasion resistance is one of the items that will be very effective in increasing the durability of concrete pavement. The abrasion resistance of concrete is more effective and drier under the influence of compressive strength, concrete surface curing technique, type of setting, curing, aggregate properties and test conditions. Today the factors affecting the wear and durability of concrete procedures, is of particular importance, so this study evaluates the strategies affecting the performance of compressive strength and Abrasion and durability of pavement concrete. A total of thirty cylindrical samples were created, with approximately half of them being used for Dorry wear evaluations. The type and of minerals type and constituents of stone materials has a direct effect on the abrasion resistance of roller concrete, so that increasing the abrasion resistance of stone materials increases the abrasion resistance of concrete. Of all the aggregates used in this research, aggregate No. 3 prepared from Choghart mine, tectonic block 1, has the highest wear resistance and compressive strength, which is very suitable for use in places where roller concrete pavement is exposed to wear and stress. The results of friction resistance are suitable for all samples and aggregates No. 4 and 3 showed the highest friction resistance on wet surfaces. The findings also show that Dorry wear test results with a dependence coefficient of 80% in roller concrete pavement is dependent on the wear of aggregates.


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