Present an innovative experimental method for bar splices tensile members in reinforced concrete structures

Document Type : Research Paper


M.Sc Student of structural-Civil Engineering semnan university


According to increase of concrete structures and attendance of researchers of this field to optimization of conducting this structures, structure industry has been caused significant development. Novel methods for rebars splice are one of the developments on structure industry. Nowdays, addition to coat splice which is a traditional method, there are another novel methods like mechanical splice, welding (forging), injecting and some another methods. These methods have particular advantages and disadvantages for patching each of one. One of the common disadvantages among these methods is their down implementation speed.
At this paper, it is proposed a novel method for rebars splice and since at this novel method for patching rebars to each other, it is no need to preparation operation for rebars tip (e.g, welding and threading), implementation speed of this splice is too high. At this paper, this novel method is called rebars splice by using sleeve and wedge.
In order to performance confirmation of proposed splice of constructed instance, it is tested. At this paper, it is carried out tension test on an instance of patched rebar by using sleeve and wedge, and a part of that rebar without splice. At the test, it is observed to behavior of patched instance is similar to rebar without splice. These results is indicator graceful performance of sleeve and wedge method.