OptimumMix Design of Self Consolidating Concrete Modeling



Utilization of Self consolidating concrete in construction industry has been increased due to flow ability that causing more speed and better quality of execution. Optimization mix design methods of self-consolidating concrete can reduce expenses and therefore the application of that will be increase at construction project.
In this study, different methods of mix design optimization have been reviewed which can be applicable for self-consolidating concrete mix design as well as different mathematical mix designs have been compared that can be useful to optimized mix design for high strength self-consolidating concrete. In addition, with studying objective function, decision variables and its constraint parameters in concrete’s mix design such as (cement, sand, water, super-plasticizer and powder materials), have been determined.
Results showed that the optimized design of high strength self-consolidating concrete’s mix design is dependent on the objective function, its constraints and other parameters of constitutive materials ratio such as water/ cement ratio, cement/fine aggregate, cement/ course aggregate, cement/super plasticizer.