Finite Element Analysis For Estimating The Moment Capacity And Moment Redistribution of Continuous RC Frames Strengthened with CFRP Sheets



The moment distribution (MR) is one the most important aspects of the continuous flexural members. This importance is doubled when they are strengthened with FRP sheets. The realistic estimation of the amount of MR could be used to design of moment frames strengthened with composite sheets. Accordingly, this paper is dealt with finite element analysis towards investigating the flexural capacity and MR value of externally strengthened CFRP continuous moment frames. To this aim, 6 experimental specimens including 2 references unstrengthened and 4 strengthened samples were considered to study with nonlinear modeling of ANSYS. The variables of this study were the amounts of longitudinal steel and various cross-sectional areas of CFRP sheets. The results of the analysis are confirmed and established with the experimental observations with high accuracy. Moreover, the study is showed the effectiveness of nonlinear finite element modeling in the estimating the moment capacity and moment redistribution values of RC frames.