Effect of High power ultrasonic-assisted in increasing compressive strength of concrete

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant professor at the acoustic group in IRIB university

2 Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch



Today, staying in economic markets depends on maintaining the quality and cost of production due to the intense competition of producers. It has also led governments to take tougher approaches to improve the environmental situation of industries. Therefore, the use of new technologies that leads to maintaining or increasing product quality and reducing costs without harming the environment will be desirable. Today, the use of high-power ultrasonic waves, due to the lack of noise pollution, has been highly regarded by various industries to improve engineering processes. The effectiveness of these waves in the manufacturing and production industries, such as reducing machinery, increasing surface smoothness, grinding metals during freezing, etc., can also be the motivation for its use in the construction industry. Therefore, the widespread use of high-power ultrasonic waves in various fields of engineering and the identification of the positive effects of these waves on the properties of materials and materials is the reason for the present study. For this purpose, for the first time in this study, the use of high ultrasonic power waves with different powers, different times, and a frequency of 20 kHz in concrete compaction and its effect on concrete compressive strength has been investigated. The results of this study show that the use of ultrasonic high-power waves as a complementary process in the compaction of fresh concrete will increase the compressive strength of concrete by up to 10%.


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