Design, fabrication and inspection of textile concrete based on polymer / composite paste casting coating technology

Document Type : Research Paper


Imam Hosein Uni



One of the main challenges of conventional concrete canvas is the separation of the geo-membrane layer from the fabric concrete substrate, which has caused major problems in the discussion of the application of this product. In this work, the method of casting polymer paste based on acrylic resins was used to create a single-layer coating of sealing resin with the high overall mechanical strength of the product, and the properties of the product were investigated. In this method, polymer paste is formed in one step without the use of adhesive and geo-membrane layer on the three-dimensional substrate bed, and the overall productivity of concrete canvas is formed. The results showed that concrete canvas produced based on polymer paste casting method with suitable mechanical strength (30 (kN / mm2)), better sealing (up to 30 days without changing weight against water), non-layering, Suitable chemical resistance against hexane, toluene, benzene and octane and better temperature resistance (from -20 to 100 C) than conventional concrete canvas product.


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