Experimental study of durability of self compacting concrete containing micro-silica and slag in Persian Gulf tidal environment

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Tehran shomal Azad University

2 Assistant professor, Garmsar University



Reinforced concrete structures on the shores of the Persian Gulf experience a severe corrosion environment, and in the case of the structures that are in tidal conditions or some of their members are submerged in the sea, such as piers and ports, this problem is more acute due to the penetration of chloride ions. To increase the efficient life of concrete structures in the Persian Gulf, the use of self-compacting concrete along with cement substitutes has been suggested by researchers. In this paper, two powdered materials, slag and micro-silica, have been selected to replace part of the cement content in concrete. The durability test in submerged and tidal conditions has been performed on the specimens. Based on the results of experiments on 216 concrete specimens, the use of the proposed concrete on average increases the compressive strength by 22%, electrical resistance by 50% and decreases the permeability of volumetric water absorption by 12% and capillary water absorption by 30% in tidal conditions.


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