Evaluation of value engineering application in implementation of Kowsar Gachsaran concrete reservoir dam

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Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz


Value engineering is a creative approach to optimizing life cycle costs, saving time, increasing profits, improving quality, and optimizing the use of resources. This management approach in Iran also has numerous project backgrounds, and many of the country's executive agencies use it in projects. Implementing a value engineering approach in hydraulic structures enables systematic behavior to balance project costs and performance, relying on teamwork and creativity to eliminate unnecessary costs and increase efficiency. And take more effective steps to make projects more efficient. Implementation of this method has yielded tangible results worldwide and even in Iran, from which the Maroun Regulatory Dam, the Ramshir Dam Control Channel, the Kuhrang Dam diversion tunnel, and more can be mentioned. Reservoir dams are major national and multipurpose projects that aim to conserve water for drinking, agriculture, industry, power generation, flood control, tourism, cultural and recreational activities. The major problem most large projects face is the lack of value engineering. The purpose of this research is to apply value engineering in the implementation of Kowsar Gachsaran reservoir dam located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad province. In this research, value engineering methodology was used by "Analytical Hierarchy Process" method. The results showed that the cost of implementation of dam body with value engineering application decreased by 8.47%, equivalent to 5.8 billion Tomans; about 20.25% decrease in execution time and 9.25% increase in performance quality.


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