Experimental study of physical characteristics and mechanical behavior of concrete containing Tungsten Oxide (WO3) Nanoparticles in RC beam retrofitting

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Islamic Azad University, Semnan

2 Islamic Azad University


The present study examines the behavior of concrete coarse-grained and fine-grained (raw concrete and concrete mortar) containing tungsten oxide Nanoparticles as well as the performance of concrete beams repaired with concrete mortar containing tungsten oxide Nanoparticles. For this purpose, two types of designs, including primary concrete and concrete mortar containing 0.5, 1.5 and 2.5 weight percent of cement were used. The compressive and tensile strength tests 0f 3, 7, 28 and 63 days specimens and 1 , 3, 7 and 28 days specimens were carried out on the primary and mortar concrete, respectively. Four-point bending strength tests on the primary concrete by 28 and 63-day duration and concrete mortar was performed on 28 day. For the repair of concrete beams, the contact surface of concrete and concrete mortar were prepared in a smooth and coarse manner and subjected to a four-point bending test in order to evaluate compatibility between the repair materials and the primary concrete.
The results showed that with the increasing presence of nanoparticles in raw concrete and mortar, increase compressive strength, flexural tensile, by compared to the control samples and about the repairing beams with rough surface samples have a flexural strength more than the sampler with a smooth surface that part of this increase in flexural strength can be used to increase the compressive and tensile strength of mortar and other restorative effect of tungsten oxide nanoparticles.