Effect of Nano Titanium Dioxide on the Permeability and Compression Strength of Concrete

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1 Master of Science, Islamic Azad University, Boroujerd Branch

2 Faculty Member/ Islamic Azad University/ Shiraz Branch


The improvement properties of concrete such as strength and durability are functions of number, type, size and the way of void connections in hardened cement paste. The permeability parameter has an important role in structures such as tanks and water concrete reservoirs. In the other side, seep the destructive materials into the concrete decrease the concrete compression strength. So for prediction the concrete durability are two basic properties. Nowadays utilization of various additives for increasing the durability and quality of concrete has been growth. Nanostructure materials, based on the special behavior characteristics, are widely used in industrial division. In this study the effect of Titanium dioxide Nano materials on the concrete compression strength and permeability has been investigated. The mix design utilized in tests has been prepared with the water-cement ratio equal to 0.5 and cement content value equal to 40 kg/m3. In addition by adding the nanoparticles with various percent into mix design, new concrete mixtures have been produced. The experimental results indicate that adding the Titanium dioxide particles up o optimum percent into concrete, causes the significant increase in compression strength and noticeable decrease in concrete permeability with respect to evidence samples. Adding the particles more than optimum percent makes reduction in the concrete compression strength in comparison with the sample with optimum percent. Some applicable relationships have been presented in this study to predict the compression strength and permeability of concrete versus various Nano particles percent.