Theoretical and experimental studies on enhancement of strength and ductility of high strength concrete

Document Type : Research Paper


1 International institute of earth quake engineering and seismology

2 Assistant Professor, International Institute of earthquake engineering and seismology

3 Islamic Azad University/ Yazd


Nowadays, manufacturing of high strength concrete is not an arduous work due to progress of concrete technology. In executive projects, the construction of the concrete with a compressive strength of 60 to 70 MPa is efficient but expensive. Increasing the strength of concrete reduces its ductility and causes brittle behavior in concrete. Confinement of concrete with glass and carbon fiber can decrease the brittle behavior. In this study, the behavior of the concrete with a compressive strength of 60 MPa made with non-standard aggregates in most construction workshops enclosed with carbon fiber coatings was tested. The behavior of this type of concrete was studied using the analytical methods presented by the researchers in this field such as Atard and Ciyan. There is an appropriate adaptation between theoretical and experimental results. The obtained results indicated the high effect of carbon fiber coating on the rate of ductility and compressive strength of concrete. A high-strength, economic, and fully executive concrete with a compressive strength of over 100 MPa and perfect ductility was constructed by this method