Optimum Location of Outriggers at Concrete High-rise Buildings Using Genetic Algorithm

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Tabriz


There are numerous structural lateral systems used in high-rise building design such as: shear frames, shear trusses, frames with shear core, framed tubes, trussed tubes, etc. The outriggers and belt trusses system is the one providing significant drift control for the building where the core alone is not rigid enough to resist lateral loads.perimeter columns are mobilized for increasing the effective width of the structure. In this study, Optimum locations of the outriggers have been obtained in concrete structures. A novel evolutionary algorithm based upon Genetic algorithm (GA) is used in this research. The optimum location of outriggers in the concrete structures with shear wall core is obtained regarding to minimizing top displacement and the sum of the above and below moment of the outriggers. 41The main elements of the structures are designed according to the gravity loads previously and during the Analyses, sections of beams and columns have considered constant. The results show appreciable decline in the deflection with the use of outrigger system. There is 45% reduction in the top displacement by the use of one outrigger at the effective level. Furthermore, 51% drop in maximum displacement is achieved by the use of two outrigger levels.