Experimental Investigation on Corrosion Parameters of Reinforced Concrete Beams Containing Nano Wollastonite

Document Type : Research Paper


University of Sistan and Baluchestan


Periodic evaluation of the corrosion parameters is one of the methods usually used to assess the defects, resulting in increasing the service life of reinforced concrete (RC) structures in aggressive environments.
In this paper the performance of NC and NCW beams in aggressive environment were compared. Ten RC beams (100×150×1500 mm) including 5 normal (NC) and 5 nano wollastonite concrete (NCW) samples were prepared and tested. All beams were monitored under simultaneous loading and accelerated corrosion.
Evaluation of corrosion was conducted with measurement of half-cell potential difference (HCP), electrical resistance and rebar mass loss. The results showed that the terms of potential difference and electrical resistance were improved in NCW beams compared to NC beams. Potential difference in NC beams was 20% more negative than NCW beams at slight corrosion levels. Also, the average amount of electrical resistance of NCW beams was 2.1 times as that of NC beams. Another finding of this study was a 35% difference between the rebar mass loss of NCW samples compared with the NC samples at low corrosion levels. In general, NCW beams showed superior performance compared to their NC counterparts in terms of corrosion cracking, half-cell potential values, Electrical resistance, and rebar mass loss. As a result, the use of nano wollastonite, as a green admixture, can increase the service life of RC structures.