Investigation of effective parameters in preparation of pervious concrete

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In most developed countries, pervious and permeable concrete pavements are regularly used in sidewalks, parks or low-volume roads such bicycle lanes and car parks, and are considered an excellent alternative to hard impervious traditional pavements. Increasing global popularity of pervious concrete pavements is because of their economic, environmental and technical advantages primarily achieved by their ability to allow water to easily pass through. In this paper, we aimed to produce a pervious concrete that would satisfy porosity and permeability requirements, while providing better load bearing, compressive strength and workability. To achieve this objective, aggregates of different materials with different physical and chemical properties and gradations were mixed with different proportions of admixtures and cement to produce a variety of pervious concretes with different strengths. Produced concretes were sampled and samples were put to slump, compressive strength, porosity and permeability tests. After evaluation and analysis of obtained results, the best mix design that would conform to regulations and would also satisfy the strength and economic factors was introduced.