Keywords = Porous concrete
Evaluation of porous concrete containing waste-originated activated carbon in the removal of surface runoff pollutants

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 27 November 2023

Payam Zanganeh Ranjbar; Morteza Sohrabi Guilani; Amin Salehi; Mostafa Ghasemi Laskoukalayeh

Study on the mechanical properties of porous concrete with high permeability using aluminum slag

Volume 16, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 73-83

Kianmehr Hashemipoor; Mohammad Reza Mohammadizadeh

Experimental investigation of the effect of substitution of aggregate by lightweight pumice on the performance of porous concrete pavement

Volume 14, Issue 1, April 2021, Pages 73-84

mahsa doostmohamadi; Saeed Farzin; Hojat Karami; sayed-Farhad Mousavi; Omid Rezaifar

Evaluation of strength of porous concrete made using scrap rubber

Volume 13, Issue 1, April 2020, Pages 113-128

mohsen salehizadeh; Babak Dizangian